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At James Robinson Speciality Ingredients we’re world leaders and innovators in the development of photochromic dyes.

Under the Reversacol trade name, we develop and make the most comprehensive range of patented, high-performance dyes, many using our own unique processes. We’ve been at the forefront of dye development for over 100 years and our research and development expertise brings cutting-edge chemistry to all our customers.

Our dyes are generally sold separately as powders, giving our customers the freedom to formulate bespoke recipes according to their own particular needs and performance criteria.

The main application for our dyes is in ophthalmic lenses that darken in bright sunlight and then revert to a clear lens when out of the sun. These can also be used to provide a photochromic effect for everything from sunglasses to sports goggles and helmet visors.

They are also used in plastics for packaging, toys and novelty items and, when incorporated into solvent-based inks and varnishes, they can be used for printing onto textiles and other substrates.

The Reversacol dye range provides the most comprehensive selection of photochromic dyes, chosen to offer a wide range of performance, strength and tonal properties for many different applications.


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